Beagle Training

It is a joyful feeling to be a proud owner of a Beagle, more so a trained one. You will have a soft spot for a Beagle the moment you take a look into their innocence filled eyes. If is however to keep in mind that Beagle puppies will have a whole lot of energy in then which can further complicate your Beagle training efforts. It is therefore important that you use the best tips and guidelines available to make sure the training is fun for you and your beautiful Beagle.

The first thing you need to remember prior to starting Beagle training is that for the training to be fun and successful, you will have to create a bond with your dog. This will better the trust level between the two of you and your dog will let you train them and catch on quite fast. Some owners say that their dogs have their own minds; this is basically because of the intelligence portrayed by this breed. For this reason, Beagles can be independent and stubborn especially if not trained well. Do not worry as they are hunting dogs and this is part of their natural traits bred for hunting. Good habits in the dog will only be enforced by consistent training and a lot of patience from your side.

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Beagle training is not all that different from training any other breed: positive reinforcement will go a long way into ensuring that your dogs is following the training and following the new commands they learn. The training involves a non-negative, non-violent method that will ensure that the dog does not lose the trust they have in you. If there is a bit of negativity, the training efforts will be compromised. Beagle dogs respond very well to positivism and any harsh treatment will interfere with their learning.

Another important tip to keep in mind when Beagle training is that a dog can be trained very well when still a puppy. When they are puppies, they are still enthusiastic and will learn quite a lot of things that will stick in their brains for a life time. Some of the important training lessons that you should make sure your Beagle is well trained as a puppy include, house training and potty training your Beagle. Other things include simple commands such as stay, stop, come, and a few tricks. You should give your Beagle a name when they are still young and insist on using their name all the time apart from when they do something wrong.

Beagles are scent hounds, and were bred to follow scents when hunting. This means that Beagle training can be difficult especially outside where there are mixtures of scents. To ensure that the Beagle is well trained you should start in the house where there are limited scents. Beagles should be well trained or otherwise they can be frustrating pets. With the right tips and guide, you can train your dog into an obedient and adorable pet that will not cause any frustrations around the house.

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