Beagle Agility

Beagle AgilityBeagles are among the best pets a family could have. The breed has a rich history and has intelligence and athleticism in their blood. These traits are the reason why Beagle agility is such great fun. Beagles are great show dogs and will not disappoint in any show or competition, as long as they are well trained. These dogs are energetic and will appear as though they never tire. This is a great characteristic when it comes to agility since agility requires a lot of energy and your Beagle will be able to handle that owing to their energetic nature.

It is important that your Beagle gets enough exercise to drain their energy and the best way to do it is through Beagle agility training. Absence of exercise can lead to extreme boredom. When your dog is bored and with a lot of energy, they may result to bad behaviors that will destroy your house. A happy well mannered dog is a product of good exercise that will stimulate their brains. Your beagle will always be in good health if they receive mental and physical stimulation. This will create a long lasting bond between you and your pet and make any training easy for both parties.

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Beagle agility involves quite a lot of activities and thus you will need to spend a considerable amount of time with your Beagle. You can easily build your puppy’s repertoire by closely working with them and correcting any mistakes as soon as they make them. The better you become in the agility training, the more easy and fast you will be able to train your Beagle for the show. It is important that you keep in mind that albeit their high level of intelligence, your Dog will make mistakes during the agility training but you have to keep going to perfect their skills. The worst thing you can ever do is to lose hope or be harsh in the training.

Due to their intelligence, Beagle agility training is much easier compared to other breeds. They will however be slow to you and this is where patience and consistency is much needed from your side. You should never shout at your Beagle during agility training as they will make errors every now and then. Negativity will only confuse them and this will greatly undermine your efforts to have your dog trained. Use positive reinforcement and be patient as they will take time to learn the commands and when they do, they will stick in their brains permanently.

There are Beagle agility competitions and other competitions involving all breeds so you will not fall short of events. Agility training will pay off when you participate in a competition and your Beagle performs exemplary. It should not matter whether your dog came out as the best or last, you should be happy they participated and thus you should reward and praise them after the event. Do not view it as a competition; take it as a great family day outing where your dog is the start of the show.

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