Beagle Allergies

Beagle AllergiesPeople and animals have quite a number of things in common. We might like or dislike the same things and even have the same allergies. Most people are not aware that animals have allergies to. Why shouldn’t they? They have bodies that worked similar to ours and are prone to illnesses just like we are. If you have a dog, to be specific a Beagle, it is important that you learn about and understand the different Beagle allergies that your dog can suffer from so as to keep them healthy at all times.

Beagles have many allergies that can be as a result of various things. In most cases, dog owners dismiss Beagle allergies thinking that these are problems that Beagles have and will go away in time. It’s true that there are allergies that will mislead any dog owner which is the reason why you need to understand some key symptoms that will indicate the existence of a certain allergy. Some of the common allergy symptoms include but not limited to loss of fur, excessive itching, self-chewing, coughing and sneezing. Stomach upsets and ear inflammation has also been identified as common signs of allergies in dogs.

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You should know that there are two types of Beagle allergies, there are the internal allergies and the external ones. The internal allergies are mostly as a result of something your dog ingested. In most cases, the allergy can be cause by some foods such as milk and wheat. It is very important that you identify the food that your dog is allergic to since they will not know what causes them to have the allergic reactions. You can start with basic meals and slowly add other ingredients recording all the reactions to find out which food causes the uncomfortable reactions in your Beagle. You can introduce the ingredients after two weeks to ensure you have enough time to study your Beagle’s behavior.

External Beagle allergies are mostly caused by things that your dog comes into contact with while playing or when walking in the park. The most common causes of external allergies include things such as detergents, air fresheners, and dog grooming products such as dog shampoo. Others include fleas. It is however important to note that your Beagle will not be allergic to the flea bites, the reactions are cased by the flea saliva that is used to keep the blood from clotting after the flea bites your dog.

It is of utmost importance that you understand the causes of the Beagle allergies so that you can have a working solution. The external allergies can be treated through proper grooming and avoiding the products that are causing the allergic reactions. To be able to do this successfully, you should know how to identify different allergic reactions. This calls for your undivided attention on your dog when you come home; make sure you spare some time to inspect your pet for any reactions. This is the only way to keep your dog both healthy and happy.

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