Beagle Barking

Many people Have Beagles as pets in their homes as they make great pets, but Beagle barking can be a major problem for any dog owners and their neighbors. Most dogs will bark as a result of different causes but Beagles are more prone to barking problems owing to the manner and reason why they were bred. It is important that you understand why your Beagle is barking so that you can have a point to start when looking for a long lasting solution.

Beagles were originally bred to be hunting dogs. Because of their strong sense of scent, they were and still are good in trailing different animals. They used to follow the scent of game and then bark when they want to alert the hunter of the animal’s direction or location. To manage this, they had to be great barkers. This trait has not gone a way over the years and that is why modern Beagles still bark loudly. The main problem with Beagle barking nowadays is that they are used as pets and no one will want their loud barking in the house or even outside especially in the middle of the night. It is normal for a dog to bark when there is an in intruder, but when it is all for nothing, it becomes annoying.

There is good and bad Beagle barking and you need to differentiate the two before you take any action. A Beagle will bark when there is someone breaking into your house which is a good thing as they will alert you or your neighbors in case you are not around. Some time your Beagle puppy might bark just because they are in need of something or because they are experimenting with their bodies and will bark with no reason. There is no problem with occasional barking; furthermore, barking is their tool of communication like talking is ours. The problem strikes in when your Beagle is barking all night long and most of the day.

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You now know that Beagles will be barking as a result of their breeding but you also need to know that Beagle barking can be caused by a whole lot of other reasons. Some dogs bark because they are lonely, other will bark as a sign of aggression, while others will bark just because they are excited or as a result of separation anxiety. What ever reason that is behind the barking, it is important that you do your best to stop the excessive barking. Remember that dogs will not stop barking completely but you can manage to reduce the barking to levels you can stand.

The remedy for Beagle barking is simply training your Beagle when they are puppies. This will lead them to identifying you as the pack leader and thus they will not bark excessively when you are around. You should have everyone in the house issue commands and train them to respond to all family members so that when you are not around the barking behavior can still be controlled.

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