Beagle Behavior

Beagle BehaviorBeagles belong to the Hounds in terms of breed group. They weigh about 18 to 30 pounds as adults with a height of about 13 inches. If you are willing to bring home a Beagle, it is important that you understand Beagle behavior to prevent surprises or disappointment. Beagles are great popular family pets especially because they are naturally friendly, with lots of energy and willingness. Beagles originate from England where they were as a result of cross breeding the Harrier and different hounds found in England. They were mainly used in hunting game. They are great scent hounds which makes them great detection dogs used in detecting narcotics. Away from that, they can make great family pets that will keep the house lively.

Knowing Beagle behavior will go a long way into helping you as the dog owner, handle him properly and train him into a well-behaved pet. So far, Beagles are the world’s most animated canines. They are naturally cheerful, calm, energetic, sweet, curious and quite intelligent. Beagles will attach themselves easily to any one who gives them the love they deserve and will socialize and do great in families with small kids. Albeit Beagles will get along quite well with fellow canines, they should remain under a human watchful eye when in company of other animals.

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One outstanding Beagle behavior is that, they are hunting dogs. They were bread to aid man in hunting and trailing game, this means they have all the traits to enable this. The fact that you have brought home a Beagle as a pet and not as a hunting dog does not take away the hunting traits. A Beagle will view small pets such as cats and hamsters as prey and might end up harming them, or worse, killing them. To avoid such a situation, it is important that the dog owner takes time and puts in a lot of efforts to train their Beagle to be a dog not only friendly to man, but also to other pets regardless of their sizes. Because they are friendly dogs that attach easily to friendly people, Beagles can easily develop separation anxiety when left a lone.

Since they are hunting hounds that were use to pick up scents, Beagles have a tendency of sniffing a lot. This is a beagle behavior you might want to deal with when they are still young. You should engage them in more play and training to take their mind off the sniffing. Training them should take place in areas with minimized scents and a lot of scents will distract their concentrations and this will only lengthen and make the training difficult.

It is important that you eliminate the Beagle behavior that you consider undesirable when they are still young. Training a small puppy is far much easier than training an adult dog. Keep in mind that teaching new tricks to an old dog is a difficult task though not impossible. Let your beagle keep the good behaviors and eliminate the rest through proper training.

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