Beagle Biting

Beagle BitingDog biting issues are serious and are among the most common problems that dog owners deal with. Beagles are friendly and great family pets but, bottom line, they are still dogs and are prone to the same problems as other types of breeds. It is quite impossible to get rid of beagle biting if you do not understand the cause of it. This applies to all other problems and thus you should solve the problem from its root cause. You should not be deceived by the innocence of the Beagles and think that there is no way they can be harmful. Beagles tend to be possessive and without proper training biting will not be a big issue to them when they are threatened.

The most common cause of Beagle biting is trying to establish a territory or dominance over their owner. Before you get the alpha position in the pack, you will have to portray leadership qualities. If you do not have leadership qualities, according to your dog, they will tend to be aggressive when you invade their space. A pack cannot exist without the alpha and if you do not take that position early enough, your dog will feel the need of filling that spot. The remedy for this is showing them that you are in charge and you are their master. This should be done when your dog is still a puppy to make sure they grow up knowing that you are the boss.

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Beagle biting can be as a result of threats. Any dog will bite when they feel threatened and Beagles are no different. If your dog has biting behaviors especially when there are new people or animals in the house, then this tells you one thing; they are biting because they feel threatened by that individual. A dog will bite any intruder regardless of whether they are your guests or new pet in efforts to protect themselves and the family. The remedy to such a problem is socializing your dog enough when they are young. When they meet different people and other animals, they will get used to it and will not feel threatened in future.

If Beagle biting comes in suddenly, then you should rule out dominance and threat issues. Sudden behaviors of biting can be caused by illness or pain. If your dog is in pain, they might be worried that if you touch them they will further get hurt and will bite you to keep your hands off them. If this happens, make it a point to find out what is wrong with your dog as they could be suffering from an illness or have a thorn on their paw.

The best way to approach Beagle biting is finding out the reason why it is happening. This will go a long way into permanently fixing this problem. If it is difficult to determine the root cause of the problem, make sure you try treating the conditions using methods that will not further complicate the issues.

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