Beagle Chewing

Beagle ChewingNow that you have decided to bring home a new source of joy – a Beagle, you must be feeling on top of the world known you have in your possession, one of the most friendly, intelligent and of course, the most animated dog in the world. Beagles make the best family pets especially because of their friendly nature. Looking at their innocent eyes will tell you that this dog deserves a lot of care and loving. However, they are canines, and all canines have some problems. Once in a while, you might catch your Beagle chewing on an important item around the house.

If you have severally found your Beagle chewing on your shoes or anything else they are not supposed to, it is wise not to ignore this behavior. If you do not take any steps, you will not be smiling when you buy a brand new expensive leather shoe and the next thing you know, your Beagle has dissected it and is in no capacity to pay you back. This will lead to frustration that might lead to you hating your dog. In their own perspective, they will not understand why you are turning cold and all they did was chewing on a piece of leather you left on the ground.

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With the right training, Beagle chewing can be stopped. All you have to do is show them that there are things they should not chew on completely and there are toys they can play with and chew on when the urge strikes. Many dog owners have been reported to have hurt their dogs after finding them comfortably chewing on their designer bags or shoes. Not knowing the way to go, these people hurt their dogs, which find themselves in rescue shelters. Approaching this matter is quite simple. All you need to do is make sure you train your dog so that you never get in any conflict with your best friend.

We are not talking about completely doing away with the Beagle chewing behavior as this is impossible. Chewing is inherent in dogs and stopping it completely will be fighting with nature and you will find yourself on the losing side. What you can do is keep them from chewing by keeping them busy most of the time. The only time they might have to chew, they will spend it resting after a busy day. It is however, important that you first find out why your dog is chewing on your valuables. It is only then that you will be able to solve the chewing menace successfully.

To reduce chances of your Beagle chewing on your valuable items around the house, get them chew toys and make sure that those toys do not resemble any valuables. You might confuse your dog by letting him chew on old shoes and not allowing him to chew on new ones. Get different chew toys to keep your dog busy when they are bored and when they chew on your shoes take the shoes from them and then give them the chew toys.

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