Beagle Dog training

Beagles are small dogs but receive great love from dog lovers. Beagles are known to bring joy to any home especially because they are energetic, playful and intelligent. Prior to enjoying the happiness that comes with this breed, it is important that you embark on proper beagle dog training lessons to ensure that you eliminate undesirable behaviors and keep the best ones. Without training, your Beagle can not tell right from wrong and thus will grow to be a very stubborn adult dog. To keep your house safe and clean, you should train your Beagle when they are still young as this will let them know you are in charge and it is only then that they are easily trainable.

Many dog owners consider Beagle dog training to be a difficult task as the dog can be stubborn and they lose interest too fast. While there is some truth in this, there are some tips that might prove the training to be a fun activity for you and your Beagle. You should always train a dog when they are young as teaching an old dog new tricks might be a difficult but possible task. Young puppies are impressionable and thus easy to train.

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You should never let your dog feel as though they are dominant over you. This is a recipe for disaster as your dog will become disobedient and develop some behaviors that will make your stay in the house uncomfortable. It is important that you show them that you are the alpha of the pack the moment you bring them home. Dogs are pack animals and will not view your family in any different way. They will want to know who the alpha is and will respect them. Beagle dog training should include some bonding time and walking for socialization purposes. This will make them believe you are the leader of the pack and they will take their submissive part in the pack.

Beagle dog training should include rewards and praises. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog as it will be fun for both of you. Using punishments will make matters worse as the bond between you will be weakened and when your dog loses trust in you, they will become disobedient. Some of the dogs that have undergone cruel treatment tend to be aggressive and are dangerous to the people around them. Be friendly to your dog and they will reciprocate that by being obedient and learning your commands quite fast.

The best approach to Beagle dog training involves short and sweet training sessions. Beagles have a short attention span and thus can easily get bored in the middle of long training sessions. When you have treats and keep the lessons brief, your dog will always be attentive and will remember what you taught them. You should always keep a close eye on your Beagle as they can easily wander off while sniffing or trailing another animal. You can only leave them alone when you believe that they are well trained and when you trust them.

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