Beagle House Training

Having a pet in your house is an exciting and great feeling for all family members. If you have small kids in the house, a Beagle will do great as a pet since they are loving dogs, and get a long with children just fine. A Beagle is an active and energetic dog which is why you should pay attention to Beagle house training the moment you bring the dog home. You would not want to have a house full of accidents caused by your dog while you can train them to be calm and obedient dogs that will not stress you out with unruly behaviors.

Beagle house training will kick out behaviors such as chewing, biting, barking and scratching. If you are going to live in the same house with your Beagle, it is of great importance that they are house trained for both your sakes. A well behaved Beagle will make a great pet and will be a source of joy for everyone who lives in or visits your house. Beagle training can be challenging owing to their energetic nature. You will be forced to create time to train your dog on a daily basis as consistency will go a log way into ensuring that the training is successful. You will also have to show your dog that you are the boss and they should respond to your commands.

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When you get your puppy home, you should start Beagle house training with potty training. Potty training is the first and most important lesson that your beagle should learn. You should start by first introducing them to the new house and then take them out to the potty area of your choice. Stay with them there until they eliminate. This should be repeated over and over again. As they have great sense of scent, they will start sniffing around looking for the potty area when they want to relieve themselves. With consistency, you will be surprised just how fast your Beagle will learn good potty manners.

Beagle house training should be made easier by the use of a crate. Crates have been known to aid the training as the dog will identify the crate as their own safe houses. They will not want to mess their home so they will do their best to go to the designated potty area for their toilet business. Introduce the crate gradually and make sure that the dog discovers the crate on their own as forcing them to be in it will only bring a rebellion against it.

Be positive when training your Beagle as this is the only way you will get good results. Do not forget that Beagle house training includes things such as discouraging the chewing of valuables, excessive barking and jumping. Use rewards and praises when your dog does something good as this will keep them doing it. Never use harsh tones and be patient with the training as they might be smart dogs, but will still appear slow to you when you are training them.

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