Beagle Obedience

Beagles are lovable pets and among the most loyal dog breeds. They are so far the most animated dog breeds in the world and children love them. Beagles are sources of joy in many homes where they are kept as pets. They used to be hunting dogs but now most people have them as pets due to their friendliness. Albeit these dogs look cute and cuddly, they have some behaviors that will need to be tweaked to ensure that your dog is obedient to you. It is important that you train your dog early to ensure that they are in their best behavior.

Beagles can be very stubborn and some of their bad characteristics are inherent. You need to approach Beagle obedience with care and be willing to take your time to deal with the undesirable traits. Some of their mischief has been known to cause harm or damage in homes. Beagles are energetic and very active. If they are not well trained or when bored, they can direct this behavior to some destructive activities that will crash the good relationship you once had with your innocent looking Beagle puppy. They can turn to barking, howling and worse of them all, chewing on items around the house.

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Beagle obedience is very important as you will not have to deal with the damages or bad behaviors. It is however crucial that you start obedience training when they are still young, training an adult beagle is consider a very difficult task as they tend to be very stubborn even when puppies. It is recommended that you train your dog when they are young because it is only then that their minds are open to learning and will be naïve and easy to train. When you train them you will strengthen the bond between you two and you will have complete trust to work on your side.

Beagles are known to wander away from home and without proper Beagle obedience training; you might find it quite difficult to handle them when they are following scents. When you have successfully trained your Beagle, you can call them when you think that a certain scent is getting the better of them and they will run to you obediently. An unruly Beagle will be a source of frustration and will embarrass you in front of your guests when they do something you do not approve of. The only way to avoid this is to ensure that they understand clearly that you are the alpha of the pack and that they should always respond to your commands.

If you think that Beagle obedience training is a difficult task, you can consult a professional dog handler. There are many centers offering obedience training and all you have to do is ensure that the handler is experienced in handling Beagles. The training will cost you some money but if you have the money for these services, the cost cannot be compared to what your dog will get from the regular lessons from a professional.

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