Beagle Problems

Beagle ProblemsBeagles have won the hearts of many dog lovers around the world; there is no reason why they shouldn’t. They are cute, intelligent and good looking with their short legs, big droopy eyes, and soft ears. To many these are the ideal family pets. However, you should not let their looks deceive you into thinking that these dogs are so perfect. There are various Beagle problems that you will have to deal with if you decide to have them as pets. This is important as it will help in keeping your relationship healthy and everyone happy.

Generally, Beagles are gentle and friendly which is why they are good with small kids. They get along quite when with children but because of their high energy levels, they can be mischievous at times. Beagles like food and will eat anything lying around. Of the many Beagle problems, you should be aware of this so that you are not surprised when you leave food around and find it missing and your Beagle lying there looking so innocent. Beagles love socializing and can easily get attached to human company. This is outstanding among the existing Beagle problems as it easily leads to separation anxiety.

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The problem with separation anxiety is what your Beagle will start doing when they want to take out their frustration and the fact that they miss you. Some will develop bad habits such as chewing while others will bark all day and night and have destructive behaviors. Some other behaviors that might develop from separation anxiety include jumping at you and guests when they come to your home, scratching, especially the door that they last saw you disappear in and digging the yard uncontrollably.

Beagle problems do not really include extreme aggression but since they love food, they can be quite possessive when eating. This is known as canine aggression and it refers to the possessiveness that crops up as a result of your Beagle feeling as though someone or animal is a threat to their meal, or anything they think is theirs. You can train this habit out of your dog by giving them food then taking it back but only when they are puppies as an adult Beagle will bite you indiscriminately.

One of their greatest qualities is listed among the known Beagle problems. Beagles are natural explorers and will follow trails as they have a strong sense of smell. Your Beagle will find a lot of pleasure in roaming and just sniffing around exploring the world. If you do not fence your compound, your Beagle will wander off and probably get lost or stolen. The most unfortunate thing will be if your dog is not properly trained because they will not respond even if you call them. The only way to get rid of this habit is t train them when they are young. This will teach them to respond to your commands and will come running the moment you call them after you notice they are wandering off the compound.

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