Beagle Puppy Training

So, you went to the breeder and got yourself a young Beagle puppy, if you are a first time dog owner, you might be wondering which the next step should be. It is obvious that you will be excited by the fact that you have an intelligent friendly dog in your home. Everyone at home will be glad to watch the small canine walk with naivety and new energy. Well, it is important that you understand that you should embark on Beagle puppy training as soon as you get home. You can allow a few hours for the puppy to familiarize with the new home but after that you will be back to business.

Beagle puppy training should take part in the early ages of your dog as this is when they are highly impressionable and will understand the training much easier. Whoever said teaching an old dog new tricks is a never, must have handled an adult Beagle or something close to that. Dog handlers will insist that you should teach good behaviors to your dog when they are still puppies because not only will the behaviors stick, but you will also save yourself the stress of trying to train an old dog with a ‘big head’. Beagles are easy to train as they are smart and ready to please their masters. The only problem is that they have a good sense of smell and might be distracted by scents during training.

Beagle puppy training can therefore be jeopardized by different scents which will make your puppy follow the scents and forget all about the training lesson. With proper training, you will be able to keep them from this behavior and mold them to obedient dogs with the best of manners. It is only through training that you can take the bad behaviors out of your pet, leave and add more desirable qualities that will ensure you keep loving your dog and they enjoy your company.

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As a dog owner, you will need the best tips to make sure that Beagle puppy training is not a rough road for you. You will however need to spare some of your time to train your puppy, otherwise you will have an unruly dog that will be very difficult to control. By spending time with your puppy, you will create a bond that will encourage them to trust you. This will assist in the training as their obedience will depend on how much they trust you. A dog that trusts his owner will easily follow their commands and will make the training sessions fun.

Never be harsh or use harsh words when doing Beagle puppy training, this will send some negativity in their brain and might lead to difficulties later on. Use positive reinforcement as this is a proven way to train a dog successfully. Always reward your Beagle puppy to keep them doing well. Do not use punishments such as hitting them as this might lead to the weakening of the bond that exists between you two. Always be patient and consistent in the training.

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