Beagle Separation Anxiety

For some types of animals, having company or being in a pack is a great necessity. Beagles are these types of animals; they hate solitude and will be affected health-wise when left on their own. This condition is known as Beagle separation anxiety. This is a common problem in this breed due to a number of reasons. Some believe that the owners are responsible for this behavior while others argue that it is genetic. Naturally, Beagles are friendly and enjoy being around people. They are energetic and playful thus will be depressed when confined in small rooms.

Beagles are social pets and love having fun by running around and playing with their owners. If you do not exercise your Beagles and spend time with them, they will get bored and their attention span will get shorter. This will lead to Beagle separation anxiety which will greatly affect any efforts of training them. A dog that loves you and loves spending time with you will miss you greatly when you go away even for short periods. They will start developing some behaviors that you will not like such as barking, scratching and digging. All these can be avoided but only if you train your dog early enough.

It is important that you protect your dog from Beagle separation anxiety and this can affect their general well being. The first step towards treating your dog is to understand what separation anxiety is and what is causing the condition in your dog. Understanding is will assist you a great deal in preventing it. Separation anxiety is a serious condition that if not attended to, can lead to other complication that will prove quite hard to treat. This is why you should consult a veterinarian or a professional dog handler when your dog starts to show symptoms of separation anxiety.

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There are many different symptoms that can show you that your dog is a victim of Beagle separation anxiety and you should know them so that you can detect them and arrest the situation before it gets any worse. Some dogs will howl and cry when you are about to leave. They will be following you to every room and will appear depressed when they cannot follow you to any room.  Some will stare or scratch on the door you disappeared through for a long period of time. Some Beagles have been known to become destructive once their owners leave them a lone. They will urinate and chew on things around the house to take out their frustration.

We all like showering our dogs with love but this might be a recipe for disaster.  It is good that you treat your Beagle in a friendly manner but you should not spend all your time with them as they will get attached to you easily. When you leave they will easily fall to Beagle separation anxiety. The best thing to do is love them but let them spend some time alone so that they can get used to the fact that sometimes you have to leave.

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