Beagle Training Tips

Beagle Training TipsTraining a Beagle can be quite difficult especially if you do not have Beagle training tips. You must be caring, persistence and rigid to manage training a Beagle. All dogs are not the same as they are from different breeds; they have different qualities and will therefore react differently to the same training methods. Beagles are popular because of their tacking abilities; they however fall short in terms of listening abilities. They were hunting hounds and thus the tracking ability was a great trait. Now that they are mostly pets, they tend to be difficult to train because they are not attentive to instructions.

Most Beagle owners will tell you that taking their pets for walks is a nightmare. They are driven by scents and will pull on the leash to any direction they think an interesting scent is coming from. You should have Beagle training tips to ensure that your walks are not daunting. Get a leash that is about 6 feet as this is a length enough to allow your Beagle to play around and short enough for you to manage their energetic nature. When they pull on the leash, change your direction and with time, they will learn that you are the one in control of the direction they should follow.

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Great Beagle training tips do not end at leash training; there are a number of things you should pay attention to for your dog to grow with good manners. Beagles are great barkers as they were bred to alert the hunters of the location or direction of the game. This trait will not disappear naturally because they are now pets, you will have to train the excessive barking out of them. In most cases, dogs bark when there is an intruder but when the barking is out of control then it becomes a problem. Manage the barking using positive reinforcements backed up by praises and treats. When they are barking give tell them to stop and when they stop, give them a treat and praise them.

Beagles can be beggars if you let them be. Beagle training tips will teach you how to train this behavior out of your dog. Beagles love food very much and when they want it so bad, they will stare at any one with food with their innocent eyes. This is begging and should not be entertained. You should place your puppy Beagle in their crate before you start eating. Let them eat their food after you have finished eating. This will teach them that they are submissive members of the pack and will lose the begging behavior.

Beagle training tips are meant to assist beagle owners in making the training as smooth as possible. It is true that these dogs are stubborn and without proper training, they will be disobedient and be a source of stress and frustration around the house. Do your best in bonding with your dog to let them know you care while making sure they understand that you are the boss.

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