Beagle Whelping

Beagle WhelpingWhelping is a term used to refer to dogs’ birth process. Beagle whelping is therefore the process that Beagles give birth. Most dogs use natural instincts to deliver pups safely, but unfortunately, domestication has raised the dependency level of dogs on their maters. This means that you must play a major role in the birth process to ensure that both the mother and the puppies are safe after the delivery. It is important that you talk to a professional dog handler so that you can get informed on the problems you are likely to encounter during the pregnancy period and during Beagle whelping.

The gestation period in dogs is around 60 to 65 days from the time they are bred. Though you will not be accurate, you can prepare for Beagle whelping within this period. Some days close to the delivery date, your dog will show you through the preparations she will start making. Some of the obvious things that will show you that the whelping day is near include, your dog will be sleeping a lot and will drag clothes and other soft materials to a particular corner that they think is safe for the delivery. You can assist them by making sure the area is completely safe.

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To make beagle whelping successful and ensure that the puppies and the mother are safe, you can have a crate wide and deep enough to ensure the mother is comfortable and the puppies are warm. You should place the crate near or on the spot they have chosen to make matters easier. When they think the crate is more comfortable, you will not have to force them into it. You will find them sleeping in it all by themselves. It is important that you introduce a comfortable crate a few weeks before they give birth as they will need to be sleeping extra comfortable to ensure that nothing bad happens to the pregnancy.

The crate should be deep enough to prevent the young puppies from wondering off after Beagle whelping. You should have the whelping crate or box in a private corner as she will prefer a dark separate corner after giving birth. During the delivery day, you should know that labor can last for 2 to 6 hours depending on a number of factors including but not limited to the breed type and the number of puppies. Since you are your pet’s best friend, you should be there to aid the delivery and speak softly to them to prevent panics especially for first time mothers. Panic might lead to complications and you might lose the puppies and the mother in the process.

When a puppy gets stuck when coming out, do your best to pull them out gently taking care not to hurt them or their mother. Do not be surprised when your dog consumes the placenta during whelping. This is normal and is a measure of replenishing the lost nutrients during pregnancy. You also need to be emotionally prepared for stillborn as there is always that chance.

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