How to Train a Beagle

How to Train a BeagleBeagles are intelligent, loving and loyal, the reason why they are popular family pets around the world. Beagles are energetic and very active and if not well trained they tend to be stubborn and kind of difficult to manage. Beagle training is a lot of fun but can be challenging but you should not let this discourage you as you will have quite a lot of fun with your pet. Beagles are always keen to please their owner; they are devoted and intelligent, which makes their training rather easier as compared to other dog breeds. The only thing you need to understand is how to train a Beagle properly.

Knowing how to train a Beagle will go a long way into making the lessons more fun and easier for you and your dog. There quite a number of methods you can use but you will have to remember that each method has pros and cons and you need to weigh them to figure out which one will suit you and your Beagle. Regardless of the method you choose, it is very important that you bond with your dog and let them know that you are in charge of the situation.

A great way to learn how to train a Beagle is taking matters into your own hands. You are your Beagle’s best friend and this being the case; you are the only person in the best position to effectively train your Beagle properly. This will not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog, but it will also let you train them at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. This method however, demands that you make some time for your dog. You will have to create time to spend with your dog training them and playing with them. While on this, it is necessary that you be prepared to repeat quite a lot of the training lessons and thus you have to be patient and consistent.

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An important tip on how to train a Beagle properly indicates that you should avoid negativity at all costs. Your dog will not respond well to your training when they sense a slight bit of negativity. They will not learn anything when you are agitated or stressed out. You should always use positive reinforcement to ensure that your dog is enjoying the training as much as you do. Be consistent and make a schedule of about 20 minutes of training everyday as longer periods might get your dog bored as they also need to play and go for walks.

If you think learning how to train a Beagle is a daunting task for you, you can always opt to use professional services. There are many professional dog handlers with the expertise that will make sure that your dog is well trained but for a fee of course. Even when your dog is trained professionally, you need to attend the classes and spend time with them to remind them that you are the pack leader.

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